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Stan Oppenheimer – Searchengineman

Senior Search  Analyst | Idea Shaker at PHD Canada (Toronto)

My Favorite hangout spots – where I like finding stuff:

I started out as an SEO guy, morphed into a PPC guy. I spend a lot of time learning to master the new marketing realities online. Current industry heroes Barry Schwartz, Avinash Kaushkik, Perry Marshall, Brian Eisenberg and Danny Sullivan. There is no such thing as a stupid question. I tend to respect people who say they “don’t know, who have the humility to continue learning from those around them. I don’t agree with everyone, I can’t please everybody. And sometimes you may hear things you don’t like. I reserve the right to ignore you if you’re really rude, feel free to share what you feel is important.

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Why the 1995 Page.

PS: I'm very disappointed with the customer service of 1&1 websites (If you can reach them). After much deliberation I have removed Wordpress from this site. As I have lost confidence that 1&1 can protect my site with Wordpress installed. I am now considering alternative Hosting. After 10 years I am disappointed.